Square - 7.1 inch - Black - 3D Floating Frame 2-Sided Display Case - 180 mm
Square - 7.1 inch - Black - 3D Floating Frame 2-Sided Display Case - 180 mm
Square - 7.1 inch - Black - 3D Floating Frame 2-Sided Display Case - 180 mm

Square - 7.1 inch - Black - 3D Floating Frame 2-Sided Display Case - 180 mm

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7.1" Square black 3D floating frame 2-sided display cases have a square center.  The special elastic membrane film stretches to fit around any object you place inside. Simply press the edge of frame to open, insert your collectible, and snap it closed for a quick and easy way to protect and display your items. 

Optional bases available to stand your frame on a corner, an edge, or even to stack them together!

Specimens (gems, fossils, coins, etc.) in photos are examples only and not included. Price is for the frame only.


Frame Size - 7.1" x 7.1" x 0.8" 

Display Area - 6.1" x 6.1" 

Additional Sizes / Prices:

Square black 3D floating frame 2-sided display cases with square center are available in 6 sizes ranging from 2 inches to 7 inches ($3 to $10). Frames can hold objects as thin as a pressed leaf or as large as a baseball. 

Inches Price 1 Frame Price 10 Frames Item # mm
2.0 $3 $24 050S-BLK 50
2.8 $4 $32 070S-BLK 70
3.5 $5 $40 090S-BLK 90
4.3 $6 $48 110S-BLK 110
5.5 $8 $64 140S-BLK 140
7.1 $10 $80 180S-BLK 180


Stands / Bases / Accessories: (Optional add-on purchases)

Type Pieces Price For 1 Price For 10 Pack Function Item #
Flat Pair 2 $.50 $4 Edge Stand FBP-BLK
Round 1 $.50 $4 Corner Stand RB-BLK
Multi-Function 1 $.50 $4 Edge or Corner MFB-BLK
Stacking 1 $.50 $4 Stack or Connect SB-BLK



Collectibles, artifacts, jewelry, gemstones, art, insects, fossils, minerals, coins, arrowheads, knives, crystals, pressed leaves, balls / spheres, shells, crafts, and practically anything!


1. What is the membrane film made from?
A: Highly elastic TPU film (thermoplastic polyurethane). 

2. Is the frame re-usable?
A: Yes. The film is very elastic and for typical use will return to original state upon removal of the items inside. If the film is pushed past the point of elasticity, it may not fully return to original tightness. For example, if using a golf ball in a 3.5 inch frame, the membrane film will hold the golf ball securely, but will not return thin enough to hold a leaf after removal of the golf ball.

3. Is wholesale pricing available?
A: Yes! Our product has been very successfully sold in retail hobby/collectible stores as well as a great fundraiser for clubs and organizations. Send us an email us to inquire about wholesale pricing and volume requirements!

4. What shapes are available?
A: We have square, rectangle, rectangle with square center, square with circle center, and round frames. We even have frames with legs which can extend out from the back of the frame!

5. Which side should I apply the base / stand?
A: Applying a base or stand to the edge or corner which opens (opposite the hinged side) is the most effective way to ensure that the frame does not "pop open" unexpectedly when using a thicker object inside the frames. 

6. How accurate are the dimensions?
A: All dimensions are approximate

7. How thick / deep are the frames?
A: Approximately 0.8 inches (20 mm)

8. Are the frames temperature sensitive?
A: We recommend climate controlled areas for storage or prolonged use. We have done heat testing up to approximately 140 degrees for 24 hours without noticing any negative impact on the film or frame. At higher temperatures for longer periods we have noticed the film start to show some slight haze or cloudiness.

9. Is the film washable?
A: Yes; fingerprints and other smudges can be washed off with water and gentle rubbing from a no-lint microfiber cloth

10. What is the most valuable object ever stored in one of your frames?
A: One of our gemstone customers sold a very special stone that he kept in our 2.8 inch frame for $42 Million dollars.

11. Is the membrane film strong enough for sharp or point objects?
A: Generally yes. We have had customers use knives, pointy crystals, and sharp gemstones successfully in the frames. The feedback on the strength, durability, and flexibility has been phenomenal! If using sharp pointy objects that press directly into the film, the film may retain some small marks or impressions.